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Become Involved

Every one of us has a passion, talent, gift, or ability that we can use to God’s Glory in serving God and serving others. Maybe you already know what yours are, or maybe you need help and encouragement discovering yours?

Perhaps your gift is in Music Ministry - playing a musical instrument or singing, Evangelism, or youth or children’s ministry, or Information Technology, or Catering, or BBQing, or public Bible reading or prayers in services, or greeting people as they join our services.

Or you love caring for people - the sick or those in nursing homes, or in the very practical  areas of church maintenance such as church cleaning or mowing and gardening; or perhaps you are a sound desk or Live Streaming/YouTube guru.

Whatever your gifts, talents and abilities are be assured that there is a place for you at St George’s Anglican Church, Beenleigh. 

At St George’s there is always room for people who desire to serve God while helping and serving others.

Currently we desire to have more singers and musicians for our services - if you play a musical instrument, or enjoy singing and worshipping God, then we would love for you to become involved.

Please note: To work with children or youth under the age of 18 years old all volunteers must hold a current Queensland ‘Blue Card’ and go through a Police criminal history check.

At St George’s Anglican Church Beenleigh we are in the process of calling a new part time minister for 3 days per week. If you are interested click here for our parish profile. If the position still interests you please contact Bishop John Roundhill by email: or phoning the Bishops’ Office: (07) 3835 2213 (International: 61+7 +38352213)

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