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Meet Our Team

Reverend Alan Moore profile photo

Reverend Alan Moore, minister in charge. 

Rev Alan Moore is an Anglican minister who has served in Brisbane Diocese since 1980 in various parishes. He retired from St Andrew's South Brisbane in October 2020 and has helped as a locum at St Stephen's Coorparoo in 2021-2 and for a brief time at St Thomas' Port Macquarie in 2022 before commencing as locum at Beenleigh in May 2023.

Alan and his wife Judy live in West End, Brisbane where their three daughters and their husbands live with eight of their grandchildren. Their son is in Canberra with his wife and the other three of their grandchildren.

Our Church Wardens

Tom Dawson profile photo
Peter Farrar profile photo
Michael McDonell profile photo

Tom Dawson is one of our People’s Wardens. Tom and his wife Maureen conduct nursing home services, nursing home pastoral care, are involved in our St George’s music ministry. Tom and Maureen and are both chaplains in the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. 

Peter Farrar is one of our People’s Wardens, and is our Evangelism and  Outreach Coordinator, and  Information Technology Officer. Peter also runs seminars and the God’s Fire Pentecostal/Charismatic meetings and has his own ministry web site and writes the God’s Fire blog.

Michael McDonell is our Priest’s Warden. Michael also assists with our Information Technology. Michael is also our current Synod Representative.

Our Parish Council Members 

Lisa Hardy is our church treasurer and has been attending St. Georges for 12 months and is keen to contribute to the success and growth of the Church. Lisa is an experienced bookkeeper.

Jenny Hodby profile photo

Jenny Hodby is our church secretary and Missions Director and also our assists with our  Information Technology and manages our Facebook page. Jenny also has a heart and passion for children’s ministry.

Wayne Dunlop profile photo

Wayne Dunlop is our Church Verger and runs our Family Breakfasts. Wayne also coordinates our church and grounds maintenance through our Wednesday Men, and together with Ralph Latimer hosts our ‘Tea On The Terrace’ cuppa & chat every Friday.

Joanne Farrar publishes our weekly Guardian newsletter and is one of our church’s ‘Safeguarders’ - a safe adult for children and youth to come to and report any abuse.

Cindy Southwell profile photo
Ada Koy profile photo

Cindy Southwell has been a members of St George’s since March 2005, and is involved with cleaning ministry, catering, and Nursing Home visitation.

Ada Koy has been a member of St George’s for many years. Ada is an intercessor, our email prayer chain coordinator, and loves to pray with people. Ada also helps out in the cleaning ministry .

In keeping with our commitment to child safety St George’s Anglican Church Beenleigh has appointed four adult child safety “Safeguarders”.

They are Stacey McDonnell, Jenny Hobby, Anne Latimer and Joanne Farrar.

You can learn more about “Safeguarders” by clicking the link below which will open up a  new page for the official Anglican Diocese “Safeguarding” page.

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